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Questions and answers

. What is Freemasonry of today?

Freemasonry is a Universal Order formed of men of all races, creeds and nationalities, hosted by their moral and intellectual qualities and assembled in order to build a Humane Society, founded in Brotherly Love, hoping to love God, the Motherland , the Family and Next, with tolerance, Virtue and Wisdom and the Truth and the constant research in the triad LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY, within the principles of the Order of Reason and Justice, the world reaches the General Happiness and Peace Universal.

. Freemasonry is a secret society?

Freemasonry is not a secret society, in the sense as such term is generally employed. A secret society is one that has hidden agendas and concealed its existence as well as the dates and places of its meetings. The goal and purpose of Freemasonry, its laws, history and philosophy have been published in books that are for sale in any bookstore. The only secrets that Freemasonry retains the ceremonies are employed in the admission of its members and the means used by Masons to meet.

. Freemasonry is a religion?

Freemasonry is not a religion in the sense of being a cult, but a cult that unites men of good morals. Freemasonry does not promote any dogma that must be accepted by all tactically, but in men inculcates the practice of virtue, offering no panaceas for the redemption of sins. His creed consists of only two articles of faith that were not invented by men, but are instinctively them since the earliest times of history: The existence of God and the Immortality of the Soul which has as a corollary the Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God.

. Freemasonry is anti-religious?

Freemasonry is not against any religion. She teaches and practices tolerance, defending the right to practice the religion of man ed his liking. Masonry does not dogmatize the particularides creed and religion. She recognizes the benefits and goodness and truth of all religions, fighting, while their untruths and fanaticism.

Freemasonry is atheist or agnostic merely?

Freemasonry is not atheist or agnostic. An atheist is one who does not believe in God while the agnostic is one who can not claim, knowingly or not God exists. To be accepted and joining Freemasonry, the candidate must affirm a belief in God.

. Freemasonry is a political party?

Freemasonry is not a political party. She has no party. In principle, Freemasonry supports the love of country, respect for law and order, advocating for the improvement of human conditions. Masons are encouraged to become citizens and get away copies of movements whose tendency is to subvert the peace and order of society, and become doers of the orders and laws of the country where they are living, without ever losing the duty of loving their own country. Freemasonry promotes the concept that there can be no right without a corresponding provision of duties, or privileges without compensation, as well as privileges without responsibility.

. Freemasonry is a society of mutual aid?

Freemasonry is not a society of mutual aid, it does not guarantee anyone the perception of a constant lump sum and none of its members in the event of a disaster or calamity can claim such aid. However, Freemasonry strives so that none of its members suffer or needs to be a burden to others. The Mason needy receive in accordance with the conditions and possibilities of the other members of the Order.

Freemasonry is an ideology or an "ism"?

Freemasonry is neither an ideology nor an "ism." She does not engage with the subtleties of political philosophy, religious or social. But she acknowledges that all men have one origin, share the same nature and has the same hope and therefore must work in unison toward the same goal - the happiness and welfare of society.

. So what is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is a worldwide organization of men who, using symbolic forms of the ancient builders of temples, voluntarily joined to common purpose to improve society. Admitting in his bosom, men of character, without regard to their race, color or creed, Freemasonry strives to be an international league of dedicated men to live in peace, harmony and brotherly affection.

. What is the mission of Freemasonry?

The mission of Freemasonry is to "make friends, improve their lives, devote themselves to good works, promote truth and recognize how their fellow men and brothers."

The mission of Freemasonry is still the practice of virtue and charity, is to comfort the unhappy, do not turn your back to misery, restore peace of mind and peace to the needy and give new hope to the hopeless.

. Freemasonry invites people to join the church?

Masonry does not "invite" anyone, even the most qualified to become a member of the Order. He who wishes to enter it, must manifest this desire spontaneously, freely and consciously declaring that want to participate.

Freemasonry holds no man oaths incompatible with their conscience or freedom of thought.

. Why not start Freemasonry women?

Having evolved from operative Masonry temples that stood during the construction of cathedrals, Freemasonry has adopted the old regulation which provided that: "People admitted as members of a Lodge must be good men and virtuous principles, freeborn of mature age, no ties that would defeat the think freely, being prohibited the admission of women as well as men of dubious or immoral behavior.

Regularity of Freemasonry is because of sticking to their principles and governed by immutable commandments, among which includes what was said above.

. Why are called temples meeting places?

The places where Masons gather are called temples because, although not a religion or gathering in a church, Freemasonry religiously preserves the rights of individuals to practice religion or belief of their choice, keeping equidistant from different sects or creeds. She teaches everyone how to respect and tolerate various religions of its members.

. Freemasonry Universal obeys a maximum authority?

Even in a country like the United States which now consists of 50 states and has about 4 million Freemasons, Freemasonry fulfills a supreme authority. Freemasonry in each country or in each state of a federation is governed and directed by a Grand Lodge independent and sovereign.

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Is there a link between Freemasonry and Rosicrucian?

Some authors, afirman that are discidentes Rosicrucian Freemasonry. This breakup occurred since the former company by understanding that "no one reaches the Father except through the Son."
However, most authors do not see the connection between societies.
Rosicrucian philosophy is the name of the fraternity, which, according to tradition in vogue, had been founded by Christian Rosenkreuz and represents a synthesis of occultism prevailing in the Middle Ages.
According to the "Confessio", the Rosicrucian order represent an alchemy of high caliber, in which instead of research on the Philosopher's Stone, was sought for a purpose higher, ie, opening the eyes of the spirit, through which could, man getting ready to see the world and their secrets with more depth.

The currents of the medieval alchemists, then, before the spiritual need of the time, enhanced by the provision of renovation and secret organization, took huge figure with the appearance of the satirical novel by Andrea. The hero of the novel is the Christian Rosenkreuz already discovered the "Fama" and who had, in the fourteenth century, traveled the East, and there learned the "Sublime Science", according to legend had it that the name surrounded him, turned to Germany, where his idea was followed by many people to reach 150 years of age, when, tired of life, extinguish themselves voluntarily. Andrea, the novel, took advantage of the name that had been found to be the founding figure, but his Rosenkreuz was old and impotent, why your marriage could only be a chemist. However, it has culture and knows many secrets, and always eager to meet others for that reason is that, in wax occasion as guest of the royal family, he enters a room sleeping Venus, then when, as other guests , to be proclaimed knight
Order of the Golden Stone should, according to the statutes of the Order, to repudiate all the lust, becomes public his mistake. So while the others leave, as knights of the new Order, he has to stay there, acting as porter, as punishment for having discovered Venus.

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excellent video that explains the history of Freemasonry and its relationship with the Templar order.

An explanation of the rise of Freemasonry in the USA and why it controls everything. It also explains the real reason why there is a separation between church and state.

relationship of famous and distinguished Masons

South Africa:

Nelson Mandela - Lawyer and revolutionary town of Umtata - Transkei. Symbol of liberation in South Africa and the fight against "Aparthaid."

Ludwig van Beethoven - German composer


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - the genius of classical music in Salzburg, Austria. The greatest of all classical composers.

-Franz Peter Schubert - Musician and composer in Vienna. His music is different from what is known. One can say without error that Schubert's immortal genius of the great classics.

Franz Joseph Haydn - Classical Composer city Rohrau. Considered the Father of Classical Symphony. One of the most celebrated composers in history.

Ignatz Joseph Pleyel - Composer, musician and pianist city Ruppersthal. One of the highlights of his works: "Pleyel's Hymn," the year 1791, much used by Masonic lodges.

George VI

- It was King of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth Realm of December 11, 1936 until the date of his death. It was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth. He served the British Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force during the First World War.

George Marshall

- It was a general of the United States, fighting in World War I and World War II, famous for being the author of the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Europe devastated after the war of 1939-1945.

George Washington

- It was a political and military American. It was the first constitutional President of the United States from 1789 to 1797. He was also commander of the Continental Army in the War of Independence of the United States from 1775 to 1783. It is seen by Americans as the "Father of the Fatherland."

Gerald Rudolph Ford

- It was the 38th President of the United States from 1974 to 1977, and also vice president of 1973-1974. As the first person appointed to the vice-presidency under the terms of Amendment 25, became president when Richard Nixon's resignation on August 9, 1974.

Giuseppe Garibaldi

- It was a general, guerrilla, and condottiero Italian patriot. It was nicknamed the "hero of two worlds", due to its involvement in conflicts in Europe and South America (Rags). One of the most remarkable figures of the Italian unification. Garibaldi dedicated his life to fight against tyranny.

Masonic ritual

Video with all parts of a Masonic ritual

Freemasonry, and Iluminat the $ 1 note

One of the most famous symbols is the pyramid with the eye-that-all-seeing (eye of Lucifer) This symbol is so real you can see it in $ 1 bills. (Symbol introduced by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933). Roosevelt was U.S. President, one of 13 presidents who were Masons.

One theory suggests that the use of these symbols hidden money is for the "phantasmagoria" of the monopoly the state has on psychic energy. The conditioned symbol (symbol-money) would control fully our mental wellbeing. One thing we have to admit, money affects us psychologically when we are no money started getting depressed "how to pay the bills?" "That will reach the end of the month?", Etc. ..

The citizen-capitalist neurologically learns that money equals security and lack of money insecurity.
Above the pyramid contained the Latin phrase "Annuit coeptis" (he has favored our undertakings) he probably: Lucifer, the architect, the eye-that-sees everything. The eye also mean an allegory to their ability are simultaneously everywhere. (E.g. with surveillance systems, Echelon, etc.).
Below the pyramid power read "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (the new order of the ages) ie The New World Order. Take a note of $ 1 and see what is really true.

The pyramid divided into two:

It consists of 72 blocks of stone. Some would say that the 72 steps of Jacob's ladder, thus being related to Judaism and the Kabbalistic tradition. Moreover, the pyramid is not finished, which could be interpreted as a reminder for the future. (They were going to do something else).

The Phoenix:

It was the first winged figure printed dollars, but in 1841 was replaced by the eagle, a symbol Egyptian solar. Above her are 13 stars corresponding to the 13 states then. These stars, with his five points, is a Masonic symbol.
She has 9 feathers in the tail, corresponding to the degrees of ritual maçónio York.
The wings exhibit respectively 32 and 33 feathers, thus alluding to the degree of the Scottish rite.
On the left paw holds 13 arrows, indicating action and transmutation.
She holds in its beak a scroll on which one reads in Latin "et pluribus unum", an allusion to the need to integrate and aggregate the members of the former colonies which now constitute a single nation. Make all nations one.

Women and Freemasonry

One of the reasons why Freemasonry does not allow the admission of women, according to the sources consulted, it's because solar is the masonic rite and should be practiced 'and solely for single men because the male essence, he - the rite - is a unifying harmonic of the visible with the invisible.

      As for the woman, the rite has to be the moon, to maintain the same harmony and equal affection ritual.

      How comes the harmony that has been said above by practicing a rite lunar or solar?

      Science says that the human body regardless of sex, harmoniums is composed of men and women on a more or less proportional.

      Is the Cabala that the exaltation of one or the other is what drives the tendency to behave more manly or more womanly, both by man and by the woman. The lunar rite it is appropriate, since it eliminates evidence, guardian of secrets and silence, in essence these quality inherent in males.

      As an example lunar rites may be cited processions, litanies and self-flagellation ceremonies exotic - with "x" - shown and practiced by the general public, or a particular woman, because, being emotional, it becomes devotional .

      The dangers of these rites are deviations to animism, pantheism, low magic, sectarianism and mainly around all this fanaticism (The Magazine Plummet - Darley Worm - April, 1996). The rites "Lunar" cedenciam their harmoniums in women by a male of the Nadis, the Pingala, and the other, in Ida, extols their harmoniums female, for, in full womanhood harmoniously through 3. º Nadis, the sushuna - located next to the cervical fluid - to rise to the brain.

      In man, it works exactly the opposite, being exalted in the harmoniums male and female Pingala contained in Ida, thus resulting harmoniums only masculinized, flowing in the same direction and the same channel.

      When this happens in man or woman, life reaches its fullest physical, sexual, mental and spiritual.

      Now understand "why" the Caduceus of Mercury is an emblem of medicine, and therefore health, and their relationship and emblemação in Kundaline.

      Know also why a party Masonic white woman can only sit in the south column, column passive beauty, lunar and devotional her own neutral and a harmonic relation to their hormones.

      And really know yet because the Sun, mentor par excellence, should be on the north side and south side of the Moon.

      The Initiatory Rite solar involves silence, esotericism, oaths of secrecy procedures in accordance with the essence of masculine nature, with the greatest symbol of his action work, coming hence the apron.

      In man, the work by his sweat is the proper channel to an end his last as a priest of morality.

      In women, the great conduit that would lead to the condition of childbirth would be initiated, which would turn into a woman full, ie, MOTHER, provided almost divine by pain and love can reach the sky.

      Here, Inception would be unconscious and would have ramifications for new sacrifices in lives, by acts of love, perpetrators of grand design of the deities.

      In humans, by contrast, initiation was conscious, since it has no natural channels - unlike women - that could take it to that stage in the main scope of work boldly, even to fight for universal brotherhood.

      The attempt by the occult rite lunar esotericism that is, show that women by nature are born with open channels to initiation.

      Because it is solar, Masonic ritual has its mysteries in the real motives of impediments that women can not practice Freemasonry as it is (in the occult view).

      Perhaps now those who read or hear this trial will have a better sense of why the position of women in stores be in the column of the south, and as has been shown, the real reasons of the existence of the figures on the right side of the Sun Worshipful Master and the moon in his left side. It's always good to know that the sun, whose light is immanent in itself, represents the initiation conscious man, only reflected, and therefore more gauzy, evokes unconscious initiation in women. She still has in itself, independent of knowledge for its emotional, that same light to illuminate his heart.

      Now forget everything that has been said here and see another woman's focus on comparative analyzes, the adaptation by abstractions in the implementation of operative to speculative. For these and these transpositions, in relation to man, there are inductions a subjective behavior, morale builder.

      In the actions of a hypothetical welding man / woman, these subjectivities could involve the following: would not look good, like the operative, a woman carrying stones, giving him hammering, breaking or trimming them, would not be as good, with a lever , a Herculean effort, moving the world.

      She, with a sledgehammer in his hands, would become a nightmare.

      Imagine it ritualistically, with the left side of the chest bare ... could?